Brick Controller ONE

This Brick Controller will control up to four motors and 4 LED type lights.  Control  i achieved either through a USB interface to a PC program or a Bluetooth interface to an Android phone. The Brick Controller comes with a cable to connect to a Maker Power Brick Power Module and two adapters for the Motor Extension cables.

Brick Controllers

Here we have a dedicated brick controller for running your platform designs.  While using a NXT brick controller is possible, this controller is dedicated to the task at hand.  Using a simple Android mobile interface over Bluetooth, the sequence of up to 4 motor controllers can be setup.  Additionally there are 4 LED lighting control lines for dramatic lighting effects.  Finally it has three inputs for sensing different types of real world events.  A Windows PC input setup is in development and future versions will have an audio amplifier to provide a single source for controlling your Maker Surprise.