The Dual LiPO Charger will charge two LiPO batteries at the same time. The charge current is settable from 50mA up to 600mA (see Data Sheet for restrictions).  The module can be used connected to a USB port and have interactive control of the charging process.  Or the charging currents can be downloaded into the module and used connected only to a USB power source.

The USB Brick Power is a small power module that accepts USB power and provides three voltages. The main voltage is 9VDC to run your Lego Power Function motors.  The switch on the side will reverse the 9VDC for changing the direction of the motor.  Additionally VUSB and  3.3VDC ae provided.  This module will also plug into the MyMakerTools Brick controller and power it. 

TDust is is a small module to monitor the temperature in your Maker projects.  The app provides all the control functions for a T-Dust device.  This includes displaying in Fahrenheit or Centigrade, setting the data rate, recording to internal memory and placing the device in the power down collection mode.  The module has a 32Mbit memory on board for recording temperature data.  The app will chart the temperature data on the mobile device or convert to a CSV file for download. The module can record for over 120 hours at a 1 second rate. The device is powered by either a 16mm coin cell (approximately 24 hours) or an external 3.6VDC to 5.5VDC source.  

Specialized Modules

These are specialized modules that are used by Makers to charge batteries, power Brick creations, measure temperature, etc.